Your dealership is a smart one. You care about your customers, you care about your cars, and you care about making sure it’s easy for people to find you – both online and in-store.


Even if you think SEO is endlessly dull, you probably care about it, too – precisely because it supports all the things we just mentioned!


With great SEO, your dealership’s website is more visible online, more useful for your customers and capable of attracting more leads to buy more cars.


Considering those things, it’s worth trying to improve it, don’t you think?


Here are the six top steps you need to make your SEO pop this year:


1. Publish Quality Content


When it comes to SEO, content is always your MVP. Publish more of it (videos, blogs, social media updates, white papers, infographics, etc.) and ensure it’s all high-quality and valuable to attract more readers, earn more social shares, and rank higher in the SERPs.


2. Conduct Keyword Research


If you don’t know what keyword your audience is searching for, it’s tough to rank accordingly. With this in mind, conduct keyword research and then build your content strategy around related phrases and synonyms. As HubSpot has often said, search today is about “topics rather than terms.”


3. Build Offsite Reviews


Google has more than 200 ranking factors right now, and a few of them relate to offsite reviews, references, and links. With this in mind, encourage customers to leave reviews on sites like Google and local directory listings. This inspires confidence and helps you rank higher in the SERPs.


4. Keep it Fresh


Google loves fresh content, so be sure yours is frequently updated. This means posting new blogs on a regular basis, updating your site with new offerings, and keeping your social platforms fresh and filled with new material.


5. Create Video Content


Video content is the darling of modern SEO. Today, users spend ⅓ of their total internet time videos online. With this in mind, create video tours, VR test drives, and other video material to engage your users and encourage content sharing.


6. Optimize Your Visual Content


It’s not enough for your dealership to just create visual content – you also have to optimize it. This means creating unique titles, adding alt text, metadata, and keywords, and uploading the correct file sizes for your platform of choice.


While running an auto dealership used to just be about selling cars, the modern dealer needs to be a “jack of all trades,” mastering digital marketing, SEO, and on-floor sales in one fell swoop. Fortunately, these six tips can give you a substantial leg-up on your SEO efforts in the coming year.