Facebook Ads and Retargeting

Captivate Your Best Referral Source of Business

  • Generate Leads with In-Market Customer Segments & Lookalike Audiences
  • Geographically Target and Conquest Against Your Competition
  • Target Your CRM/DMS Data with Compelling Facebook Campaigns
  • Remarket and Reach Unsold Customers with Increased Messages

Social Advertisements are the Next Big Thing

Social media platforms like Facebook can sell more cars. If you aren’t using their advertising today you’re missing some of your best customers.

We believe in integrating with your sales operations and using the same data-mining efforts that works in other channels such as e-mail, direct mail and fixed operations.

Our data-driven approach allows you to reach in market audiences, customers ready to buy, and unconverted opportunities amongst their friends and family.

We’re so confident in our approach… the first month is on us!