Intent Based Analytics

Data without insight is useless. Every metric our reporting delivers is accompanied by a recommended set of action items that have proven success to sell more cars from a hyper-specialized team of experts that works closely with your digital partners

New Vehicle Sales Focused

Total integration with OEM Co-Op and Compliance programs

Mobile First Integration

Reports are delivered to your mobile or tablet devices and we’re integrating the proprietary ability to speak your request and get quick results for queries like, “how do I sell 5 more trucks today?” and “what cities can I capture the most sales and market share in?”

Performance Analysis Focus

Segment and analyze your data to see whether things are improving or if you’re leaving sales and money on the table by marketing vendor, channel, campaign and keywords

Operational Alignment

We automatically integrate the same data your sales teams are looking at and collaborate to ensure that the right leads are getting to the right people at the right time

Action Items

Hyper-specialized teams provide specific digital tactics that increase key performance indicators (KPI’s) such as VDP’s, CTR and market share which can be quickly or automatically delivered to your digital partners


Enterprise technology and data processing ensures that we will meet your unique reporting needs across any and all partners and initiatives

Track Your Leads and Calls to the Sale

  • We offer an effective tool to track every call and lead you get to the sale or service repair order which enables you to sell and service more cars while increasing your profit, regardless of vendor partners.
  • Our platform delivers high-quality leads and calls in real time and is intended to be uniquely personalized based on existing vendor relationships, dealership goals within brand and compliance guidelines ensuring that the real-time, machine-learning algorithms are unique and compelling for each individual client.
  • We believe that data without insight is a waste of time, so emphasize what to do next through hyper-specialized experts and teams in collaboration with existing automotive vendors to ensure a turnkey solution that produces a simple, easy-to-use interface that helps dealer groups sell more cars.

Features and Functionality

Conquer Your Competition with Unified Dashboards

  • Simplify your reporting into a unified dashboard that fairly and accurately measures your digital efforts across any and all vendors
  • We offer proactive support across all digital channels with premier concierge services which include 24x7 access to high-level support, mystery shops, and integration within your CRM and vehicle registrations within your local areas
  • Plus, we integrate and enhance vendor relationships in regards to your tracking and operational goals through in-person visits, proven RFP’s, and ongoing training and consulting for your team(s).

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