Most dealers struggle with shrinking showroom traffic and clear ROI

We help automotive dealers turn shoppers into buyers with better engagement using 360 video, digital strategy that drives more leads and strategic auditing to reduce or eliminate marketing fees.


Dealer FirstGuaranteed

Reduce or eliminate third party fees and increase digital marketing performance or we'll fully refund the first 90 days*

*Must outfit all best practices and provide requested access in timely manner

Take Control

Master vendor transitions, experience proactive support and take command of your marketing strategies

Eliminate Waste

Proactively identify actionable sales opportunities and leverage proven best practices to command performance

Beat Competition

Specializing in top 50 dealers means destroying lifeless ads, vague ROI and old-fashioned technology


Discover the impact we're driving from recent and current case studies below

2018 - Present

Smarter Digital Merchandising Strategy

Johnson Automotive LogoJohnson Automotive leverages FlowFound's 360 video platform and production capabilities to deliver thousands of mobile test drives across their group of 11 stores.


FlowFound Named Top 30 Rising Star Technology Company

FlowFound awarded Top 30 Rising Star Technology Companies by Venture Atlanta, one of the Southeast's leading tech tech investor and entrepreneurial connection events.

Sharing stage with impressive lineup of other technology innovators including keynotes from former NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson and Dave DeWalt, former CEO of McAfee.

2017 - 2020

Top Performing Marketing Campaign

Jeff Wyler LogoFlowFound significantly increases organic traffic for key Wyler dealerships and launches first augmented reality and 360 campaigns.  Kevin Frye delivers standing-room only Digital Dealer talk about digital retailing / merchandising and reveals FlowFound campaigns receive more engagement than other marketing combined

2017 - Present

Digital Auditing and Strategy

Pohanka LogoFlowFound guides digital strategy, auditing, in-house analytics platform and search optimization development for Pohanka group which includes the #1 Acura, #6 Lexus, top 50 Honda and Chevrolet stores.

Late 2017

National News Highlights FlowFound as Automotive Industry Expert

Fox, CBS, ABC and Automotive News Logos

News outlets for CBS, Fox, ABC, Automotive News, Digital Dealer and Wards Automotive highlight FlowFound's work helping dealers bring their showroom experience online to improve showroom visits, digital efficiency and reduce their marketing costs while improving customer engagement.  FlowFound invited to present at Silicon Valley Founder Field Day, which was highlighted in HBO's show, "Silicon Valley".


Keynote Speaker at Digital Dealer

Digital Dealer logoFlowFound speaks in keynote hall for Digital Dealer around new ways dealers can bring their in-store experience online to increase sales while reducing digital expenses

2016 - Present

62% Reduction in Marketing Fees

INFINITI of Gwinnett Logo#1 INFINITI dealer for CPO and three other sister stores partner with FlowFound to manage digital auditing and performance.

2015 - 2017

34% Increase to Digital Sales

Five Star Automotive LogoFive Star Automotive activates FlowFound for digital auditing and brings SEO in-house, increasing digital sales by 34% and saving 28% in monthly fees across 18 dealerships.

2014 -2015

400% Better Net Profit

Google Premier Partner LogoCybela leads Force Marketing into Google Premier Partners Program through new product development bringing offline data together with online performance while also overseeing digital strategy and executional teams

2012 - 2014

Improved Internet Leads by 16%

AMSI LogoNick Cybela leads AMSI's digital operations across 101 franchised automotive dealerships nationwide

Optimizing $20,000,000 in marketing spend and growing in-house digital team across paid, organic, creative, third party and other digital channels.

Delivering on-site training, store integration and field support to underperforming or newly acquired dealerships

2010 - 2012

Improved Internet sales by 90.14% and conversion rate by 4.85%

Ford Automotive LogoNick Cybela acts as Digital Marketing Manager with dedicated team in charge of providing internet process and phone training which includes digital marketing and CRM.

Digital Subject Matter Expert recommending, educating, and coaching teams in digital marketing, best practice Internet processes, and vendor utilization.

2007 - 2009

Increased Leads 300%

Walser Automotive LogoFlowFound's founder, Nick Cybela, joins Walser Automotive Group to bring their paid search and SEO in-house while building a website CMS from ground-up for all 11 stores.

Walser is one of the first true "best price" dealerships in the country


launch & lead

Identify key opportunities matched to current inventory and sales goals

personalize & merchandise

Build a clear brand promise and turn shoppers into buyers faster across your digital marketing, retailing and merchandising

test & deliver

Continually target a more profitable customer and deliver the right message that gets them off the couch and into your store

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, FlowFound does not run digital marketing campaigns

To stay unbiased and exclusively represent the dealership best interests, FlowFound does not run any digital marketing campaigns.

However, if you're building an in-house team we can help transition and provide both initial setup and ongoing training across all digital marketing channels.

There is also an exception around digital retailing or merchandising related campaigns, which has been a specialization of the 360 video department. But, we prefer to provide marketing assets and creative to your existing agency.

Digital auditing vs vendor management for dealers

Comparing digital auditing with vendor management is an important step.

Digital auditing involves doing an extensive technical, operational and "like a customer" review of your digital marketing and initiatives. It also involves creating corporate policies and data protection that ensure ownership and smooth reporting / transitions should future changes in agency or website be required.

Vendor management involves managing the request for proposal (RFP) process, enforcing new corporate policies, improving monthly performance and generally ensuring operations are aligned with what's happening in your marketing.

These two services work hand in hand but typically digital auditing would happen quarterly or during a transition and vendor management happens throughout the month, in real time.

Help with dealership agency change

FlowFound helps hundreds of dealerships make difficult website and agency changes, while establishing a certification process that protects the dealers data, investments and brand integrity.

We're trusted as a partner that keeps dealer interests firsts while ensuring agencies are leveraging cutting-edge best practices driving real dealership results.

Why FlowFound

As a company we're on a mission to deliver convincing experiences that sell cars.

We have proven experience with top 50 dealerships and top 150 dealer groups... and have been in the trenches with dealers like you for the past 12 years.

We also hired smart people including a machine learning PhD (and his team), global design manager from a Fortune 50 company and the SVP of one of the top ad agencies serving automotive OEM's / regional associations. We're invested in keeping you ahead of the competition.

If you're someone searching for their next career, you should work with us because we're one of the Top 30 Rising Tech Companies in the Southeast and love passionate, dedicated professionals ready to do what it takes to succeed and change the way customers buy vehicles from their local dealerships.

Help finding training resources for digital marketing manager

FlowFound offers training on Google Analytics, digital marketing, dealership operations and more for a new digital marketing manager or an experienced team looking for innovative, new solutions toward common problems within the store.

Additionally, we invest in ongoing training throughout the year at top industry and technical events to keep your team ahead of emerging best practices and opportunities to increase conversions and sales.

Finally, we can help establish direct relationships with Google, Facebook or others depending on your dealer groups scale... or get premium support on specific technical questions if you're following our certification program.