Why Dealerships Choose Us

Best Automotive Paid Search Agency

We are the only partner that builds a platform that’s unique to you while optimizing your paid search marketing dollars and fully incorporating your dealership operational data. This includes sales, repair orders, and in-store visits through a combination of real-time technology, automotive knowledge and integration with your marketing and internet sales teams.

Together we’ll ensure that your search strategy exceeds your operational goals and your platform is irreplaceable and unique. We’re the only agency that will work with any provider—or build your strategies and marketing dollars into your own proprietary system and advantage.

We’ll keep you ahead of the competition with our actionable maps and market insight. We’ll pay attention to key factors like whether a competitor has switched agencies or increased their spend or sophistication. We also consider Tier II and the OEM’s level of competition with you, and identify zip codes you can conquest while still protecting those key areas in your backyard.

Our team will continually work with you while recording every action in Google Analytics through Annotations so you can see what we do, when we do it, and how it works to provide

more opportunities to your store. Every exclusive and dedicated specialist we provide is Google Analytics and Google AdWords certified with functional knowledge of nearly every automotive CRM.

We’ll also integrate and improve your landing pages while conducting continual usability studies and A/B testing in ad copy, conversion messaging and offers to ensure that the traffic coming to your site gives you the opportunity to sell them.

Many groups sized larger than 10 (or large volume stores doing over 500 cars a month) decide to take their paid search in-house. We’re the only agency that will help transition with great processes, hiring, and access to new Google pilot programs normally inaccessible to dealerships and groups.

Discover how we’re outperforming most digital agencies by over 30% — and why groups trust us to help take control with precision and performance that increases sales and service revenue.

Paid Search for Auto Dealers

Drive In-Market Shoppers with YOUR Proprietary Search Strategy and Campaigns

Proactive Support



A Google Certified Specialist will insure your campaigns outperform and stay ahead of your competition.

Maximize Your Profit Share



Campaigns you own with total transparency will help increase your market share.

Increase Profits



Bidding towards the keywords driving the most sales at the top profit (also works for service!) will help increase your profits.

Improve Click Through



Continually improve click-thru-rate by customizing Ad Copy and directing to relevant landing pages with great quality scores.

Dominate Search Presence



Constant expansion of ad extensions with offers, promotions, and dealership value propositions will help dominate mobile and search presence.

Expand Keywords



Extensive negative keywords and intent based keyword expansion ensures your campaign is constantly learning.

Outperform Competition



Build your strategy and platform to out-perform your competition through geographic targeting, website activities, in-store visits and dynamic vehicle information.

Measure Performance



Measure effectiveness and results in Google Analytics through annotations and performance.

Discover New Paid Search Opportunities