3 Alarming Things You Don't Know About Voice Search

May 14, 2018 | Digital Advertising, SEM, SEO

3 Alarming Things You Don't Know About Voice Search

In 2020 50% of all searches will be voice search according to Comscore and 30% of all searches will not require a screen, Gartner. Are you making your content as accessible as possible by offering a streamlined experience across all platforms? When you work with FlowFound, your SEO strategy is guaranteed to be optimized for voice search.

If that statistic didn’t peak your interest, I guarantee that these 3 things will.

It Improves Accuracy Based on Usage

Publish Quality Content

Artificial intelligence continues to develop voice search with each verbal query. It collects data from our daily searches to better understand our intent and provide more accurate search results. The more we use voice assistants the more personalized and effective they become.

People Talk Faster Than They Type

Conduct Keyword Research

IThe human body is capable of speaking 100 words per minute, making it faster to speak your searches instead of typing them. Consumers everywhere are taking advantage of voice search as it continues to make the buying process easier. One in five consumers (19%) have made a voice purchase through Amazon Echo or another digital home assistant, and another third (33 percent) plan to do so in the next year” according to Walker Sands.

It’s Easily Accessible

Build Offsite Reviews

1 in 6 americans own a voice activated device and Nearly 50% of them are now using voice search when researching products, Social Media Today. Voice search is easily accessible and it’s now available on smart devices we use everyday like watches, phones, smarthome assistants, and cars. Just think, if you were driving would you prefer to type your searches or speak them?

Stay Ahead of the Game

Keep it Fesh

As the use of personal assistants continue to rise, take advantage of voice search by making your content visible and available through multiple formats from text to voice queries. Increase leads on your website and in your showroom by bringing convenience to the car buyer.

Consumers are taking advantage of voice search and you should too. Are you optimizing your dealership’s SEO strategy to target voice search? If you’d like to optimize your content for voice assistants like siri, cortana, google home and alexa let’s talk!