4 Surprising SEM Insights to Help You Win the Holidays

Dec 12, 2017 | Digital Advertising, SEM, SEO

4 Surprising SEM Insights to Help You Win the Holidays

Looking for a way to dominate your holiday marketing?

Maybe you want to reach holiday Nirvana this season, or you’re just looking to outpace the competition.

No matter what the case may be, the key to a calm and lucrative holiday season is SEM insight that helps you plan your campaigns accordingly.

After all, upwards of 18% of all retail sales happen in the months surrounding the holidays, specifically November and December.

Here are some insider insights to help you snag those sales:

1. 45% of Online Holiday Traffic Comes From Mobile

The holidays are a busy time, so you can bet your customers are online shopping on-the-go. If you want to take advantage of this traffic, you’ve got to make sure your site is optimized for mobile. Here’s how:

  • Increase Your Site Speed. Speed is a major factor for mobile users. If you’re not sure how fast your page loads, use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to run a quick test. Remember – 30% of mobile users will bounce if a site takes more than 10 seconds to load, and 16% expect it to load within 5 seconds.
  • Design the Site for Mobile. Hamburger menus, flash-free themes, and no popups are all critical in mobile-friendly design.
  • Optimize for Local Search. Many mobile searches are also local searches. Be sure you’re utilizing local keywords to take advantage of these queries.
Optimize Mobile Trafic

2. Average Order Value Goes up Over the Holidays

When compared to non-holiday orders, average order value during the holiday season increased about 17% in 2016. While this is great news for dealerships, it also means you’ve got to deliver as much value as possible to justify the higher order values.

With this in mind, consider adding elements like VR kiosks and test drives to your dealership, and offering holiday specials to help your customers snag more for their money.

Average Order Value Goes up Over the Holidays

3. 94.95% of Traffic is Organic

Let’s be frank: few people click on paid ads. Today, about 95% of all web traffic is organic. If your dealership wants to snag more of this traffic, optimize your site for organic search.

This includes identifying and targeting keywords, developing a content strategy, and creating high-quality links for your page.

Organic Search Traffic

4. The 22nd and 23rd of December are the Biggest Sales Days of the Holiday Season

If you’re planning on running paid campaigns, it’s worth upping your budget around these days. By driving more foot traffic and engagement at your dealership, you can sell more cars and finish the holiday season strong.

Biggets Sales Days of the Holiday Season

SEM Insights for a More Lucrative Holiday Season

Nothing makes Christmas morning bright like a shiny new car. Fortunately, these four insights allow you to position your dealership to take advantage of online traffic and sell more units this holiday season.

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