Voice Search Stats for Auto Dealers

Oct 23, 2017 | Digital Advertising, Voice Search

Voice Search Stats for Auto Dealers

Halloween is almost upon us, but do you know what’s more frightening than ghosts or goblins? The fact that voice search is exploding, and lots of dealers are ignoring it! Luckily, you can steer clear of the spooks and improve your dealership’s SEO this October by keeping up-to-date on all the critical voice search statistics you can’t afford to ignore:

1. 41.6 Percent of People Started Using Voice Search in the Last 6 Months

While some people have been using voice search for years, others are brand-new to the feature. If you want to engage these newbies, you’ve got to make it as accessible as possible for them. This means offering a streamlined experience across common platforms. It also means optimizing your dealership’s SEO strategy to target voice search.

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2. The Margin of Error on Google’s Voice Search is Declining

While the margin of error was 8.5 percent in July of 2016, it’s dipped to just 4.9 percent today! This is due in large part to more advanced algorithms (like Google’s A.I. “RankBrain” update) and the growing prevalence of voice search.

Voice Search

3. There are Currently More Than 30 Million Voice Assistants on the Market

Digital assistants like Siri, Google Now, Cortana, and Alexa are flooding the market. In fact, Digital Commerce 360 reported that voice assistant sales were up 39 percent in 2017, over previous years.

Virtual Assistant

4. 20-25% of All Searches are Spoken

Today, people speak their searches more frequently than they type them. With ¼ of searches being spoken into smart devices like watches, phones, smarthome assistants, and cars, it’s clear that modern retailers need to focus on offering intelligent and streamlined voice search for all of their customers.

Voice Search

5. Voice Search Accounts for More Than 10 Percent of ALL Searches

Considering the fact that Google processes more than 3.5 billion search queries daily, this is a massive number. While this is due to the fact that voice search is more available today than ever before (through car bluetooth systems and the like), it’s also because it is easier and more straightforward than traditional search.

The Future of Voice Search Looks Amplified

In the coming years, voice search will continue to explode, and dealers have to be prepared to update their SEO strategy if they want to keep pace.

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