Creating a New Breed of Customer Experience for Dealerships

July 20, 2018 | By Nick Cybela

Is my Dealership Ready for Memorial Day?

Car buyer demands are changing.

In 2007 my first boss at a dealership group said automotive is like the wild west where having the biggest and baddest selection and location is key.

In 2008 when everything collapsed, shoppers began researching online and our stores had to get really aggressive with pricing and marketing.

Today, automotive is more like WestWorld where we’re struggling to create a profitable narrative despite the data and robots because our buyers are increasingly in control of the process and their demands are changing so much it is enabling outside disruptive models to rise (like Carvana, Tesla, mobility and more).

We have the cars and experience. But we’re wondering why our shoppers endlessly hunt for the best deal while only answering, “do you have it” and “what does it cost”.

$12 billion was spent in local automotive advertising last year, and customers are still unhappy with us.

  • They’re telling us they want to choose from a variety of vehicles, often “on the go” and on their phones.
  • They aren’t being shown the vehicle features they’ll pay more for.
  • They want to save time and do more online, with or without our participation.
  • According to a 2018 Deloitte Study, only 10% of customers didn’t like dealer stores, processes or websites.

So why aren’t we focusing on what’s actually broken? Most dealers don’t realize that between 48-61% of customers would switch brand or color for vehicle features (CBS News/AutoTrader). Could nearly half our customers would pay more with us today if we could deliver features and a new breed of experience online?

What are we doing online to save time and bring more of our proven experience guiding customers through the long-term commitment and investment of their new car?

FlowFound takes your refined in-store experience online to convert previously anonymous shoppers with a personal touch. Would a real time encounter with your customers while digitally stepping into their next vehicle improve your conversion rate?

Virtual and augmented reality is Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and MagicLeap’s vision to enhance our reality with digital environments. It’s available on every mobile phone. The consumer costs have dropped to under $200 and doesn’t need any phone or wires attached. Auto manufacturers are integrating it into their windshields and windows. This is a big chance for us to adapt to our customer demands before an external disruptor steals them from us.

Dealers have the cars and experience driving profitability. We must bring our operations online while continuing to serve the core people who liked our store, process, and current website while growing our margin and velocity. Or spend more for less and slowly watch our customers disappear.

FlowFound helps major car brands and their dealerships increase sales and margin while providing a personal encounter that turns car shoppers into buyers by placing them inside the cabin for a moving experience that saves time on-the-go, on mobile phones and online through virtual and augmented reality. Schedule your demo with us today or see it live at Virtual Reality Test Drives.