Automotive Trends for 2018 & How to Get Ahead of Them

Jan 30, 2018 | Virtual Reality

Automotive Trends for 2018 & How to Get Ahead of Them

While change happens in virtually all industries, it's seldom more exaggerated than it has been in the automotive industry.

Just think about how different modern cars look, function, and feel compared to their Model T ancestors!

When you think of it that way, we can all agree that we're grateful for innovation!

For dealers and manufacturers, some signigicant industry changes are coming down the pipe in 2018. If you want to be prepared, you have to start considering them now.

1. Voice Search

Voice Search

According to Google, upwards of 20 percent of mobile queries now come from voice search. As voice search becomes more popular (which it will, in 2018, and beyond) your dealership will need to prepare accordingly.

How to deal: Offer vehicle comparisons for your customers. Create video content to educate them about your different makes and models, starting now.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Right now, upwards of 41 percent of adults are interested in trying virtual reality, so what better place to do it than your dealership?

How to deal: Offer VR test drives in your dealership. This approach helps ensure your customers stay engaged and excited about what you’re offering.

3. Data Tracking and Analytics

Data Tracking and Analytics

Data tracking and analytics have become more important in recent years, and they’re both great ways to keep track of your VR test drives.

How to deal: Offer VR kiosks and test drives and use data tracking and analytics to track and manage your information. Once you’ve built up a database, take the information and turn it into more targeted advertisements, a better SEO strategy, and a more compelling in-store experience.

4. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is right up there with virtual reality, and companies like Mercedes Benz have started to use it to replace things like owner’s manuals. Consider following suit to step up your marketing and UX games.

How to deal: Consider going the extra mile and using augmented reality to offer chatbots to your customers. Easier than lengthy manuals and far more efficient, augmented reality is a great tool for your dealership and your customers.

Looking Forward

While the automotive industry continues to adapt, dealerships that work to keep abreast of the most prominent trends and happenings will do well in 2018 and beyond.