3 Ways VR Creates a Memorable Showroom

Oct 18, 2017 | Virtual Reality

3 Ways VR Creates a Memorable Showroom

VR can easily transform your dealership’s showroom making it more memorable for customers.

In recent years, virtual reality (VR) has exploded in popularity. Need proof? Experts estimate that consumers will buy more than 12 million VR headsets in 2017 alone. This is an exciting trend for anyone in sales, especially for dealers in the auto industry.

1. Consider VR Test Drives

VR test drives are a very unique experience for customers. While they aren’t meant to replace physical test drives, they’re a great way to get customers excited about a specific make and model of vehicle.

Today, it’s possible to offer customized 360/VR test drives through websites, social media, email, and mobile devices. These test drives focus on showcasing the performance, features, and safety of a vehicle. They help people make intelligent decisions about where to spend their time in your showroom.

Consider VR Test Drives

2. Offer VR Shoots

It’s not always possible for people to make it to your dealership. In these cases, you can take the dealership to them. VR production can be fully customized and are ideal for delivering an exciting experience to your customers.

While VR shoots are ideal for simulating a dealership experience, they’re also incredibly helpful for allowing customers to decide what they want before they visit you in person; making them shop more intentionally once they arrive.

Customixed VR Shoots

3. Implement VR Kiosks

VR kiosks are the creme de la creme of the VR world. Perfect for showcasing vehicle displays at events, pop-ups or in your dealership’s showroom. These kiosks provide an advanced “driving” experience that can help engage your customers.

Kiosks are able to collect in-market data and allow you to display branded social content to your customers later. By moving beyond traditional methods, you are able to utilize a more immersive tool that can be deployed in numerous ways.

Implement VR Kiosks

Make Your Dealership’s Showroom More Dynamic – Starting Now

For years, dealers have been striving to make their dealership a more customer-centric environment. Luckily, VR is here to fill the gap. By implementing unique VR touches into your dealership showroom, it’s easy to provide a more advanced, customer engaging and dynamic experience, starting right now.

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