How Virtual Reality is Changing the Way Consumers buy Cars

Feb 19, 2018 | Digital Advertising, SEM, SEO

How Virtual Reality is Changing the Way Consumers buy Cars

You can now experience this technology on both desktop and mobile – Meaning you are able to interact with different environments and objects without even leaving your seat.

At FlowFound, we live for marketing and innovation; and we’re dedicated to bringing new technology to consumers everywhere, particularly in Automotive.

In its earlier years marketers would write off VR merely as a gaming experience.

Until now.

It’s a Memorable Experience

Virtual Reality

Thanks to the internet, consumers have access to literally all of the information they need before making a purchase. However, VR has decided to take product transparency to a whole new level.

Now consumers can see any make and any model of a vehicle up close. Through a comfortable and light headset you are immersed into an experience like none other. Or, they can experience through their existing smartphone, tablet or PC.

VR doesn’t replace the dealership experience but it certainly makes it more enticing to go and take a physical test drive.

Extensively Improved Features

Hand Interactions

Imagine taking a virtual test drive where you have intuitive control that allows you to bring the magic of hand interactions to VR.

With incorporated mixed reality features you can now interact with various elements within the vehicle, such as: music selection, volume adjustment and even selecting specific features you’d like to learn more about… all with your hands.

You also have access to 360 degree spatial audio that allows you to experience the exciting sounds of your dream engine up close.

Thanks to VR, online car shoppers can now explore the safety, performance and features of multiple vehicles all at once.

Real time, Insight and Analytics


Marketers can use VR to learn more about potential car buyers through custom reports that integrate to google analytics and your CRM. Virtual Reality also allows for heatmap tracking that can give you insight into consumer behavior and interests.

Now you can sell more cars and improve customer engagement with effective data reports that give you a competitive advantage.

Get Ready to Sell More Cars

Virtual Reality is here to stay and it will be invading your competitors tactics much sooner than you think. If you’d like to stay ahead of the game or learn more about VR experiences visit, VRTESTDRIVES.