Is my Dealership Ready for Memorial Day?

May 18, 2018 | Digital Advertising, SEM, SEO

Is my Dealership Ready for Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is just around the corner and you need to put effective tactics in place to ensure that your dealership is on top. It’s peak season for car buyers and this is your opportunity to make the most out of this month.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your dealership is winning this Memorial Day.

Get Patriotic

Decorating your Dealership with red, white and blue is a great way to celebrate Memorial Day. However, consider adjusting the colors of your logo and other marketing materials to fit the on going American theme as well. Showing support for our fallen heroes is also a good way to build loyalty with current and potential car buyers.


Consider Coupons on Smartphones

It’s really easy for customers to receive coupons on mobile devices; it’s equally affordable to send them out via email and you can add and option for people to sign up for specific offers.

Memorial Day Sale

Offer a special sale and promotion to potential car buyers. Don’t be afraid to use email and social media to promote it. Use this opportunity to attract customers into your showroom.


Don’t Forget Social Media

Upload patriotic posts to your social channels, use memorial day hashtags or your own holiday hashtags. Encourage customers to get involved on social or share your posts.

Video Marketing

Interactive Events

Take advantage of Virtual Reality experiences in your showroom, on your website or at Memorial Day events. Customer engagement is extremely important during this holiday, what better way to do it than with VR - the ultimate engagement tool.

Virtual Reality

You’re All Set

FlowFound is here to ensure that your Dealership is making the most out of this peak season. Stay ahead of the competition by putting the right marketing tactics in place this Memorial Day.