Why Video Marketing Sells Cars

Nov 6, 2017 | Digital Advertising, Virtual Reality

Why Video Marketing Sells Cars

Are you sitting down?

If not, do it now. We’ve got a statistic that’s going to knock your socks off:

More than 87% of online marketers currently use video content.

Incredible, right? If you’re thinking, “Uh-oh. I’m not using video content,” though, don’t worry – there’s still time to get onboard.

In a world where things are increasingly digital, great video content is one of the only ways to sell more cars and keep your audience engaged. Now, the only question is, how do you use it?

Here’s your simple guide.

What's so Special About Video Content?

The biggest benefit of video content is that it’s engaging.

Today, people scroll through social feeds at a million miles an hour. They only skim pieces of content and have no interest in anything that doesn’t catch their attention within about seven seconds. It’s a harsh world out there for web-based material, and it’s getting harder and harder to create content people want to interact with.

Fortunately, video content excels on all levels. In addition to being digestible on any platform, video content is real-time and easy to share, making it a real winner in the digital landscape.

Video Content

How to Use Video Marketing to Sell More Cars

How can your dealership use video marketing to sell more cars? Here’s the scoop:

1. Get Social

Social media is the natural home of video marketing. And since 71% of consumers use their mobile device while they research and purchase cars, social channels can encourage an on-the-fence buyer to take the plunge.

With this in mind, use social sites like Facebook and Instagram to distribute highly-targeted videos to your audiences. Creating a personalized experience is a great way to develop a connection and encourage customers to stick with you.

Get Social

2. Provide 360 Videos

Trying to get customers to visit the dealership? Why not pique their curiosity with a 360-degree video? When you bring the dealership to the customer, you stand a better chance of encouraging more sales. You also offer an unforgettable experience they’re likely to tell their friends and neighbors about.

Provide 360 Videos

3. Venture into VR

VR is a great way to provide a more expansive and in-depth experience for your customers. Consider technology like VR test drives to get people to the dealership and keep them there, and to help them learn more about the cars they’re interested in purchasing.

360 Videos

The Case for Video marketing in the Dealerhip

Today, the content you create needs to be engaging, compelling, and immediately unforgettable.

It’s a tall order, but video content fits the bill.

By showing your users another side of the vehicles you carry, offering enhanced test-drive and shopping experiences, and making the sales experience more personalized, video content has the power to help you stand out from the crowd and, yes, sell more cars.

If you have any questions about video marketing or would like help with a campaign you’re already running, Let's Talk!