The Challenge

Jeff Wyler has 24 dealerships in the Midwest and found as a multi-generational dealership traditional marketing was not engaging their audience as effectively as in the past.

FlowFound provides augmented reality, virtual reality and streaming video experiences that outperformed traditional media 4:1 in advertising and critical buying engagements.


more effective than traditional ads

compared to monthly offers, why buy, digital retailing on facebook


more organic traffic

through content targeting voice searchers and SEO


better engagement

based on customers coming to website vs those who send a lead

The Solution

  • Integrate FlowFound virtual test drives on website

  • Build unique augmented reality experience for customers to check-in at dealership

  • Run and compare Facebook ads to measure engagement, leads and impact to sales

“Nick is one of the leading minds in automotive. I have known Nick for over a decade and I have always found him at the leading edge of innovative ideas, technology, and solutions for our fast-moving market. Nick has the unique ability to identify great talent and to create a productive team around that combined talent to drive positive progress in automotive each day.”

Kevin Frye

Marketing Director, Jeff Wyler

Let’s Make Things Happen

Nick Cybela

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