The Challenge

Pohanka Automotive Group has the #1 Acura, #6 Lexus, two top 50 Honda and a top 100 Chevrolet store and needs a strategic partner to drive innovation while growing their dominance in market

Engaging FlowFound allows them to focus time on profit, people and process while having FlowFound develop a cutting-edge internal data warehouse, hold marketing vendors accountable and build out SEO content to reduce third party expenses


Reduction to 3rd Party Costs

Building SEO content to outperform third party listings


Acura and Lexus Dealership in Metaverse

Developing interactive virtual reality test drive experiences and kiosks



Unified Under FlowFound

The Process

  • Be single point of contact for digital marketing and technology

  • Develop technology and advertising policies that increase profit, and enforce across vendors

  • Build SEO content that allows for reduction or replacements to 3rd party sites

  • Launch and optimize Facebook campaigns

  • Manage programmatic display and retargeting media buyers and creative strategy

“FlowFound ensures accountability across our various vendors and helps keeps our position as #1 Acura, #6 Lexus, top top 50 Honda stores and others ahead of the competition.  We HAVE to WIN!”

Dani Hart

Marketing Director, Pohanka

Let’s Make Things Happen

Nick Cybela

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