COVID-19 Relief
for Auto Dealers

  • Eliminate Waste & Reduce Expenses
    as "In-House" Digital Team
  • Offer 360 Virtual Video Test Drives
  • Uncover Competitive Insights & Strategies
  • Pay What You Can for 90 Days*
  • Market Exclusivity with Money-Back Guarantee**


Read personal note and commitment from FlowFound CEO below

Coronavirus Marketing Relief and Discounts for Car Dealerships

A Promise from Nick Cybela, CEO of FlowFound

I’ve spent a lot of time hearing from dealers about COVID-19's impact to daily operations, and learning how to support this unexpected and unplanned shift to our world.

I want you to know that we’re in this together.   Our goal is to support your people and our partners in providing critical services to help run your operations.

We are living in a reality where “pretty good for auto” marketing is no longer good enough.

Over the recent weeks showroom visits are down 42%+, but we have an unprecedented opportunity to capture buyers at home. 

Our team becomes an "in-house" marketing team, relentlessly reducing expenses and improving efficiencies.  We focus on razor-sharp digital strategies and lightning turnaround while financially guaranteeing our services to aid recovery.

To support dealers that are closed or restricted, we offer compelling 360 video test drives that transport customers directly into the vehicle for an interactive tour from the safety of their home, phone or online.  Select brands are available.

In keeping with our commitment, from April to June 2020 we are offering new clients a "Pay What You Can" program, which means exactly what it says.  For up to 90 days we'll discount new invoices up to 100% based on what you can afford.  For current clients we are offering deferment options based on need.  This includes our 360 video content, which allows customers to take a 360, personalized video test drive from their phone or at home.

We are alternatively offering market exclusivity to dealers with a 90 day money-back guarantee when outfitting all best practices and access requests in a timely manner.

Stay well,

Nick Cybela

(The lawyers require this part)
Money-back guarantee excludes any taxes, advertising dollars and credit card fees 
"Pay What You Can" program may include a small setup fee for validation and enroll an active credit card online
Client must remain current and in good standing to remain eligible.  Written discount requests eligible within 7 business days of invoice due date
Market exclusivity cannot be combined with "Pay What You Can" program and has minimum term 


Offer Better Engagement

Compelling 360 video test drives for 5x more customers currently shopping from home or via mobile phone

Recover ROI

Pay what you can for 90 days to reduce expenses and grow conversions with our "in-house to you" digital team

Improve Brand Promise

Buyers pay more for an experience they trust, and we specialize in the battle-tested strategies powered by many top 50 dealers nationwide

Now Offering 360 Virtual Test Drives

Take a Product Tour

Dealer First90 Day Guaranty**

Reduce or eliminate third party fees and increase digital marketing performance or we'll fully refund the first 90 days

Take Control of Marketing

Master vendor transitions, experience proactive support and take command of your digital strategy

Eliminate Waste

Proactively reduce expenses and capture new sales opportunities with battle-tested best practices and unshakable performance

Improve ROI or it's FREE!

Being powered by top 50 dealers means destroying lifeless ads, vague ROI and old-fashioned technology