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Eliminate waste in digital marketing, take control of your strategies and beat your competition with proven best practices and guaranteed ROI
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We help dealers build their unfair advantage across digital marketing with proven, battle-tested strategies

Digital Auditing for Dealerships

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Reduce or eliminate third party fees and increase digital marketing performance or we'll fully refund the first 90 days*.

*Must outfit all best practices and provide requested access in timely manner

Take Control

Master vendor transitions, experience proactive support and take command of your marketing strategies

Eliminate Waste

Proactively identify actionable sales opportunities and leverage proven best practices to command performance.

Beat Competition

Specializing in top 50 dealers means destroying lifeless ads, vague ROI and old-fashioned technology

Most dealers are frustrated with shrinking margins, lower physical traffic and lack of clear differentiation for their store.

FlowFound helps dealers spend less and get more showroom customers

Trusted by dealer groups and top dealerships we turn shoppers into buyers earlier through digital auditing, analysis, vendor switches, website transitions, training in-house marketing teams or tying online activity to offline sales.

Currently working with:
(Last updated February 2020)

  • #1 Acura dealership
  • #6 Lexus dealership
  • 2 Top 50 Honda dealerships
  • 3 Top 10 Ford dealerships
  • Top 50 Chevrolet dealership
  • 5 of the top 150 dealer groups
  • #1 INFINITI CPO dealership

Digital Auditing Services


Digital Strategy Consulting and Vendor Management

Dealer marketing has become increasingly complex, resulting in thousands of dollars scattered across expensive third parties, marketing agencies and OEM programs without a clear path to success.

FlowFound takes control and eliminates confusing metrics while improving marketing performance across paid advertising, search optimization, social and reputation, website and analytics.

We have proven experience with successfully implementing digital retailing and digital merchandising solutions and ensuring a smooth and painless website or agency transition many dealership groups to explore below.

With our Certified Program, we'll reduce or eliminate your fees or give your money back.  Guaranteed.

A few common challenges we solve:

  • Creating a brand promise / dealership why buy
  • Holding vendors accountable
  • Reducing third party costs
  • Tracking showroom visits and digital sales from online campaigns
  • Switching websites or marketing agencies
  • Implementing digital retailing or digital merchandising
  • Eliminating confusing reports or metrics
  • Staying ahead of the competition

Search Engine Marketing and Paid Ads Oversight

Paid search and search marketing (SEM) is a critical element in digital marketing and often the highest digital spend for an automotive dealership.

We often find up to 35% of your paid search budget is wasted or out of date during our initial audit and either reduce cost or dramatically improve your results throughout the month as we maximize your ad dollars with your Google Ads, Bing Ads or other search provider.

Additionally, we emphasize showroom visits and integration across other marketing channels, into your brand promise and custom conversions that build a sustained and unfair advantage for your store.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic search brings customers ready to shop, research and buy directly from your store but remains one of the biggest opportunities for auto dealerships today.

We focus on voice search, enhancing your content strategy, improving engagement and ultimately building your customer conversion rate on key pages while also auditing key technical elements such as load times, SEO best practices, on-site optimization and schematic markup such as

Additionally, we review local SEO such as Google My Business or local citations to ensure customers searching for dealers nearby, using voice search or that are review focused can quickly and easily find your store.


Social Media and Reputation Management

Social media delivers a highly engaged audience but requires constant oversight, maintenance and strategy to drive people into your store or CRM.

We help deliver next-level social advertising that delivers a better breed of customer based on their physical location, offline behavior, online behaviors or likelihood to buy from you.

Additionally, many clients leverage our new interactive formats such as 3D photos or 360 video to bring more of their unique showroom experience online where customers can share and engage.

Many dealers have also used us for best practices around dealing with negative reviews that go viral, Google My Business strategies and exploring new, innovative ways of gaining reviews.


Website Transitions and Website Optimization

Switching website providers is often a painful and expensive process, but with over 200 successful launches and exclusive access to premium, same-day support with nearly all the major website providers we make the process simple and easy.

Leverage our RFP and Certification process to future-proof your investment, and our in-house support to ensure all the technical elements smoothly transition to the new provider.

We also improve the conversion rate with why buy development, usability testing, reviewing and ensuring specials are updated, mystery shopping and delivering best practices honed at one of the top 10 dealer groups in the country.


Digital Retailing and Digital Merchandising Training

We specialize in training, consulting and enablement around digital retailing and digital merchandising for automotive dealerships.

Some of the common challenges we solve are:

  • Hiring or training employees on new digital retailing solutions
  • Selecting and launching a digital retailing provider
  • Leveraging digital merchandising across marketing and photography processes
  • Ensuring smooth launch of digital merchandising / 360 photography tools
  • Strategically implementing digital retailing / online buying paid campaigns
  • Integrating digital retailing across your dealers brand promise / why buy
  • Providing dealer case studies and best practices to creative or digital agencies

Web Analytics and Google Analytics

Eliminate confusing metrics and multiple dashboards with our easy-to-understand, actionable alerts.

We can build a customized reporting platform, standardize everything within Google Analytics or even develop proprietary attribution models but generally focus on creating a single point of truth across all your marketing that shows what's driving the most showroom visits, calls, leads, conversions and engagement.

You don't wait until the end of the month to make the deal.  Let us turn online activities into shoppers in your store.


Display and Retargeting

Display and retargeting is simple to launch but difficult to get right, with often 80% outright fraudulent and over 300% average markup making a questionable ROI for most dealership spend.

We dig into your current campaigns across your website, display ad networks, social media, third parties, mobile applications and more to determine the actual impact and provide recommendations on where best to improve.


Video Pre-Roll and Connected TV

Establishing the right connected TV partners, video pre-roll campaigns and performance reporting is critical, and online video is becoming an increasingly effective method to build awareness and engagement with customers shopping for their next vehicle.

We assist with brand positioning, accountability and reporting around these exciting and emerging new channels.


In-House Digital Marketing for Dealers

Thinking of bringing your digital marketing in-house?  We've helped many dealers like you centralize their marketing and eliminate vendors while improving performance and reducing third party fees.

We also insure our results will improve or provide a money-back guarantee when you follow our certification process and best practices.

Discover a few of our case studies below.

  • Dealer group of 18:  Saved 23% in first year and improved digital sales by 34%. Brought SEO and paid search in-house.
  • Dealer group of 134: Improved organic traffic by 26% and saved $1M.  Brought SEO in-house
  • Dealer group of 10: Increased leads by 300% and brought websites, paid search and SEO in-house